Junior Tennis

Franklin Athletic Club is considered one of the premier tennis and fitness clubs in the country. Our thirteen air-conditioned indoor courts are available year-round. We offer programs for the beginning player through the advanced national level player. Franklin has received international recognition not only for its facility, but also for our world-renowned teaching staff.

Program Guide

Jr. Tennis Programs

Level I Red, Ages 3-6

Interactive play time introducing the fundamentals of tennis in a game-based environment. Focus on development of motor skills, movement and balance through fun activities and games. Red felt balls and 36-foot courts.

Level II Red, Ages 4-6

Players are introduced to the fundamentals of tennis through activities designed to build a solid foundation for long term athletic development. Activities are focused on developing agility, balance and coordination all while forming the skills necessary to serve, rally and score. Use of red felt balls and 36-foot courts.

Level III Red, Ages 6-8

In this class, players continue to sharpen their agility, balance and coordination while beginning to develop more dynamic movement and footwork. Ability to intentionally place the ball short, deep and side-to-side is crucial before graduating to next level. Use of red felt balls and 36-foot courts. Recommended: 1-2 days a week

Level IV Orange Ages 6-8

This class is for players with little or no tennis experience. Players will be introduced to the fundamentals of tennis through drills and rally games. Orange ball on 60ft court.

Recommended 1-2 days a week at this level.

6 week session

Members: $156 / Non-members: $192

Level V Orange, Ages 7 – 11

Players utilize control, spin, and positioning to their advantage while also being able to consistently rally and co-operate with a partner. Players will be introduced to topspin and underspin on both forehand and backhand strokes. Orange balls on 60-foot court.

Recommended: At least 2 days a week at this level.

6 week session

Members: $156/ Non-members: $192

Level VI Orange, Ages 8 – 12

This level includes a large element of competition and point play focus. The ability to maintain proper technique during points and proficiency on serve is a necessity before graduating to the next level. Green balls on a 78ft court.

Recommended at least 2 days a week at this level.

6 week session

Members: $156 / Non-members: $192

Teen Beginner Class 101, Ages 12-17

This 6 week program is for teenagers that are relatively new to tennis. Students will be introduced to the basic skills of tennis, including ground strokes, volleys, overheads, and serves. Learning to rally and play points will be emphasized.

USTA Junior Team Tennis

USTA Junior Team Tennis is a league designed around “fun, camaraderie, and team.” Levels range from beginners who have learned to serve and keep score to ranked players. All players will play singles and doubles at each match. The teams are co-ed and matches start in October. Participants are required to become USTA members. Please contact the Tennis Office for more information at (248) 352-8000, ext. 250.

Holiday Camps, Ages 5-16

Franklin Tennis Camps provide young players the opportunity to improve their tennis skills in a fun and positive environment. Players will work hard, improve their game, make new friends, and have fun! Daily and weekly camps include tennis and swimming, Our highly qualified tennis staff makes camp educational while having lots of fun.

Private Junior Clinics

A personalized clinic allows a group of three or more to form your own class. Call the Tennis Department for more information and pricing.

Match Play

This is the best way to simulate and practice playing matches. Play will play both singles and doubles.

Date & Time: Sundays: 3:00pm-5:00pm

Member $37 / Non-Member $42

Packages available ($340 Member, $390 Non-member)

* Pre Registration required

Jr. Tennis Tournament Programs

Tournament Development Program, Ages 10-14

This program is designed for players who have chosen tennis as a primary sport and are actively and regularly participating in 10U or Sanctioned tournaments, or for the player who participates on their middle school or junior varsity team. Discipline and hard work are stressed while concentrating on stroke technique and point play. Regular felt balls on 78-foot court. Recommended: At least 2 days a week

Tournament Excellence Program Ages 12-18

This program is designed for players that compete in sectional and national tournaments or play on their varsity high school team. Players in this class are technically sound and tactically engaged. This program develops on-court technique, footwork, and conditioning with a strong emphasis on match play and strategy. Regular felt balls on 78-foot court. Recommended: At least 2 days a week.

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