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Franklin Athletic Club is the place to be if you are looking for an inclusive fitness community where everyone is welcomed and supported in their pursuit of living a healthy, well-balanced life while still having fun!  We prove our commitment to your success by providing a state-of-the-art experience for all ages and all fitness levels as well as on-staff Master Trainers with backgrounds in sports performance training, post- rehabilitation training, balance, core and functional training, and much more! Regardless of your fitness ability, our trainers and instructors are here to help you meet your fitness goals.

All new members receive a complimentary Fitness Assessment and a Personal Training Orientation to evaluate where you are in your fitness journey, identify your personal health and fitness goals and define tangible ways to reach your goals – TOGETHER with a plan that includes accountability, commitment, motivation and support!

Reach out to Lisa Soverinsky today for questions or to schedule your assessment at [email protected] or at (248) 352-8000 ext. 273!

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A quick glance at our Fitness Classes:

Some classes listed below may have an additional fee on top of membership fees. For more questions, please contact [email protected]

Take a ride indoors as an instructor guides you through a mixture of intervals, drills, and hills with a variety of speed and tensions. The focus is on proper cycle technique, body alignment, and cardio drills. Technology is also utilized to project metrics of your ride (RPM, speed, heart rate, etc.). Each ride may take you on a different path and the focus, just be prepared to sweat!

Join us for a high-energy, muscle sculpting cardio-kickboxing experience suitable for ALL FITNESS LEVELS! Kickboxing combines traditional punching with a hanging heavy bag and kickboxing choreography with portions of body weight resistance training. Kickboxing burns calories and improves balance and agility. Hone your skills and intensify your boxing workout with Franklin Athletic Club.

This class is all about muscle conditioning, core strength and balance. No high impact movements, just strengthen your overall body definition. Using a variety of equipment, working on stability and increased strength!

Improve strength and stamina with this weight training class mixed with easy-to-follow cardio intervals. A total body workout for all levels using a variety of equipment.

Come Experience a class like no other at Franklin. Be surprised from week to week with a variety of different cardio moves (boxing, basic step, hi-low, boot camp) and strength (balls, weights, body bars). All levels welcome. A 45-minute challenging mix of intense, dynamic core-stabilizing exercises and cardiovascular endurance to get the blood flowing and heart rate elevated.

A 30-minute challenging mix of intense, dynamic core-stabilizing exercises and cardiovascular endurance to get the blood flowing and heart rate elevated.

Unique training session with one of our top personal trainers…BOOT CAMP STYLE! Get back to the heart of fitness with drills and skills in an athletic circuit format.

This class is designed to give you the most bang for your workout buck. Combination of high-intensity cardio (on the treadmill) alternating with strength & HIIT style training on the floor. Full-body workouts that are designed to complement each other to offer a comprehensive time-effective workout.

TRX Strength & Core: Build muscle and support a healthy body with this essential TRX strength workout. TRX Cardio Circuit: Get your blood pumping with this TRX circuit class that will utilize other equipment along with the suspension trainers to obtain maximum anaerobic results. There will be sweat.

Lengthen & strengthen all the muscles of the body with emphasis on the ‘core’. This class may or may not use small equipment such as foam roller, power rings, balls, etc.

A mixture of Pilates Mat and Barre exercises. Utilizes the ballet bar to focus on centering and core. A great lower body workout with easy to follow, fun movement for all.

A beginner to intermediate yoga flow (Vinyasa) at a slower pace. An abbreviated version of Vinyasa incorporating slow flow Vinyasas with Hatha yoga postures.

A continuous flow of movement & breath using the transitional Vinyasa flow to connect postures and create warmth allowing you to open into greater flexibility and strength.

A cardio workout that gets your body moving in large range of motion, easy to follow choreography in a supportive water environment that will challenge your cardio endurance. Suitable for YOUNG AT HEART participants.

This class is conducted by Dr. Khandwala who is a Urogynecology surgeon. His main focus is based upon scientific research, is incorporating yoga for medical conditions such as back pain, diabetes, hypertension etc. This class incorporates asanas, pranayama, and deep relaxation.

A  gentle slow, still style of yoga that involves long, passive holds in a series of 4-6 restful poses.  You will be encouraged to achieve a deepen state of total relaxation and release.

For more information about these classes, please feel free to contact Lisa Soverinsky, Fitness Coordinator @ [email protected].

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Personal Training

Franklin Athletic Club has one of the finest staff of personal trainers in the Metro Detroit area. All of our personal trainers are certified professionals who have the knowledge and expertise to ensure a safe and effective workout experience. They will assist in the design and implementation of a program to meet your specific objectives.

Our Personal Trainers Are:

  • Certified through nationally accredited certifying organizations
  • CPR certified
  • Up to date on current industry standards and fitness trends

Questions about personal training?

Meet our Personal Trainers

To get more information about personal training and packages please contact Lisa Soverinsky, Fitness Coordinator at 248-352-8000 ext 273, or by email at [email protected]

Stephanie Lamb

Personal Trainer, ISSA

Reggie O’Bryant

Personal Trainer, AFAA

Kris Petrov

Personal Trainer, AFAA

Marggio Castro

Personal Trainer, W.I.T.S.

George Jones

Master Trainer, MFI

Renee Stein

Personal Trainer, ACE

Lisa Soverinsky

Personal Trainer, AFAA

Taylor Olson
Personal Trainer, NASM
Dennis Lee
Personal Trainer, NASM
Jonathan Perry

Personal Trainer, ACE

Gage Moyers

Personal Trainer, ISSA

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