True Boxing

“True Boxing” is designed to give our members and nonmembers a unique workout platform using boxing techniques to decrease body fat, increase muscle strength and improve stamina and overall fitness performance.

The amazing instructors at Franklin Athletic Club have more training and hours than most in the industry. You’ll get individual attention for your mind and body as you find the path to strength, flexibility and mental clarity.

George Jones, Master Trainer and Fitness Presenter was born in Detroit, Michigan. He arrived in Germany in 1989 as a soldier for the U.S. Army. George was the Drill instructor and leading fitness instructor for the Army. Since then he has made a name for himself both on the music scene and in the fitness industry. George was a sparring partner to the German Heavyweight Boxing Champ Kim Webber, and Middleweight contender Jerry Elliott. George has been doing Martial Arts and Boxing training for over 40 years and works with all ages and fitness levels. He is great with kids and adults and will motivate you to get fit, have fun and learn the art of “True Boxing”.

George Jones “True Boxing” is 45 minutes of circuit training including 3 minute rounds with Speed bag, heavy bag, speed ball, shadow boxing footwork, jump rope and in ring training with punching focus mitts with combinations and foot work. Light controlled sparring fundamentals are also included if desired with George in our brand new Boxing Ring.

Kids ages 8-14 can now join us for a half-day True Boxing Camp this summer! Click here to learn more!

George can be reached directly by phone (313) 516-9890 or e-mail [email protected]. You can also call the Fitness Department at (248) 352-8000, ext. 273.

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