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Mission Statement

Building the Foundation for a Healthy Mind and Body………
The Staff of Franklin Academy will provide all children with the learning experiences which develop skills and attitudes that establish a foundation for a successful educational journey.

Franklin Academy has a commitment to providing the best early educational experiences for all children.  The school offers a comprehensive play based, developmentally appropriate program.  Total development of the child (physical, social-emotional and cognitive) is stressed throughout the program.  We recognize that each child is unique, with individual growth patterns and learning styles.  The play based curriculum at Franklin Academy, therefore, provides a variety of experiences and enrichment classes including, music, drama, science, computers, art, literacy/library and foreign languages for each child to participate in and progress at his/her individual developmental level.  We have created a flexible program within a certain structure and it is in this rich stimulating environment that children are encouraged to explore and experiment.

Additionally, through our exceptional physical enrichment classes children will learn the importance of staying fit and healthy by participating in daily exercise such as yoga, tennis, dance, sports classes and swimming.

It is our goal to help each child leave Franklin Academy with a healthy mind and body, good self-image and an ability to take the next step in his/her educational life with enthusiasm and confidence.